We operate nationwide

We offer a complete range of services

EMERG offer a complete range of consulting services, Nationally Accredited training courses, (delivered on behalf of our partner, Fireground Pty Ltd RTO# 41245), mentoring programs, property risk analysis and many other services in the fields of fire, emergency, incident management, recovery and strategic planning. All of our services are completely tailored to your individual needs.

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Our support

Strategic Services

EMERG offers support to businesses, councils and government by providing a range of consulting and strategic services. With our combined experience, we assist in policy development, aviation consultancy, contract and project management, organisational capability and offer audit functions. These services contribute to the overall preparedness of communities to manage emergency events.

Our aim

Incident & Emergency Management

Our expertise lies in incident and emergency management, and we offer our services in all areas of emergency response for all hazard types. We cover the full scope including emergency planning, pre & post incident response and recovery. Our aim is to give communities the capability to manage all stages of an emergency effectively.

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Nationally Accredited Training

We Operate Nationwide

We offer a range of Nationally Accredited training programs for individuals and businesses (delivered on behalf of our partner, Fireground Pty Ltd RTO# 41245). Using contextualised, realistic scenarios, we offer the most effective emergency management and fire-based training services available. All training and mentoring programs are tailored to individual needs. Courses include:

  • Firefighter Training
  • Incident Leadership & Accreditation
  • Leadership Training
  • Training in all fire roles, including prescribed burning


Be better prepared

Fire & Risk Management

We’ve got extensive experience in bushfire planning, preparedness, response and recovery, and offer a range of consulting and training services to help communities better prepare for emergency events.

Services include bushfire risk assessments, asset protection plans, critical infrastructure protection and emergency evacuation planning. It’s all about keeping communities safe and more confident in dealing with bushfires and other risks.

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